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Zoho Recruit

Effortlessly find your next hire with Zoho Recruiter

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Simplify Your Recruitment Process with Zoho Recruiter’s User-Friendly Platform

Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive solution that aims to simplify the recruiting process by providing an integrated Applicant Tracking (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Find the best recruits for your organization or your clients easily.

CV management

The solution creates a powerful database with the CVs of your candidates.

Semantic search

Recruit allows you to search by word in the entire database of candidates in order to bring out the best CVs.

Evaluation of applications

The system utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate the candidates and rank them based on their results.

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Zoho Recruit puts artificial intelligence at the service of HR

Zoho Recruit helps track and engage candidates throughout the recruiting process, using custom automation tools to push candidates through every step of the hiring process.

The solution allows you to publish your job offers on more than 75 job sites with a single click as well as the ability to share ads on social networks.

Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one talent management solution that includes an ATS and a CRM. This allows businesses to track the status of candidates at every stage of the recruitment process and optimizes the recruitment process with advanced analytics.

Zoho Recruit benefits both agencies and companies

Zoho Recruit is designed for both employment agencies and internal HR teams seeking high-quality candidates for specific positions.

With its customizable and remote recruiting tools, Zoho Recruit is an ideal solution that helps reduce candidate abandonment and fosters a strong foundation for employee engagement.

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“We owe the success of implementing our ATS, Zoho Recruit, to the BSP Management team. They supported us at every step of the process, saving us precious time. It is an ATS which offers several possibilities and adapts to our needs.“

Connie Bilodeau

Talent Acquisition Director

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoho Recruit

Can I quickly import my entire resume database into Zoho Recruit?2023-12-12T09:06:07-05:00

Yes, you can quickly import your entire resume database into Zoho Recruit. Simply download your resume database as a .zip file and use the “Import from Document” option located in the Candidates module. From there, you can add the file from your computer in bulk.

Can I consolidate candidates from different platforms in Zoho Recruit?2023-12-12T09:06:08-05:00

Yes, Zoho Recruit allows you to consolidate candidates from various distribution platforms in one place. Once you publish your job offer, Zoho Recruit automatically copies and displays the results obtained from these platforms in your dashboard.

Can Zoho Recruit send automated emails to all candidates linked to a job posting?2023-12-12T09:06:08-05:00

Yes! Zoho Recruit allows you to send emails to candidates en masse. It’s easy! Simply navigate to the Candidates module, select the desired candidates, and choose to send a mass email. You can even choose from pre-existing email templates or customize them to fit your specific needs. The email can be sent at your convenience.

Is it possible to give our customers access to the data?2023-12-12T09:06:09-05:00

With the Zoho Recruit app, you can create access for your clients through the Client Portal. This feature allows them to view the candidates you propose, provide feedback, and make interview decisions. Depending on your business relationship, you can also allow clients to create new job postings and send feedback directly to successful candidates.