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Zoho Projects

Gather all members concerned with the project together to collaborate effectively.

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Track and manage a project easily

Zoho Projects consolidates all project information into a single platform, making it effortless for all teams involved to collaborate. With its integration with Zoho CRM, sales and production can seamlessly work together in a unified environment.

Plan tasks with Gantt charts

Use Gantt Charts to create your project plan and track your timeline tasks with Zoho Projects.

Real-time work tracking

Record billable and non-billable hours of your projects with the timesheet module

Report generation and analysis

Identify the performance of your projects in order to make informed decisions both at the process and customer service level.

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Ensure good project monitoring with Zoho Project

Scheduling tools to manage deadlines and dependencies.

Each project can be assigned to multiple profiles with different permissions to ensure efficient project management.

Track project progress to make better business decisions.

Coordinate sales and production regardless of the size of your business with Zoho Project.

No matter the size or industry of your business, Zoho Projects is the ideal solution for efficient project management. The application facilitates optimized coordination among internal teams (such as sales and production), the project manager, customers, and suppliers. Some industries that use Zoho Project daily include:

  • Architects and designers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Brokers (real estate, mortgage and insurance)
  • Start-up businesses start-ups 
  • Retail
  • Service companies
  • Manufacturers and Sales Consultants
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Frequently Asked Questions about Zoho Projects

Is it easy to manage the tasks of a project?2023-12-12T09:06:13-05:00

Absolutely! It is possible to assign tasks to multiple users, set working hours and track them until the end of your project. For each task, you can set the priority, add reminders and activate recurrences to save you time. It is also possible to enter the time spent on each task using timesheets or timers.

Can I approve or reject hours worked by my team members?2023-12-12T09:06:12-05:00

Yes, managers can view data from their teams’ timesheets and approve or reject them as needed before turning them into invoices.

Can I track my team’s effectiveness?2023-12-12T09:06:11-05:00

Yes, you can track your team’s effectiveness by utilizing the various reports available in Zoho Projects. These reports provide a quick overview of projects that may require additional attention, such as those running over budget or approaching deadlines. Additionally, the data entered into the system can help you better comprehend the requirements and tasks associated with a particular project type, allowing you to make informed business decisions, whether it be in sales or a particular process.