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Zoho Books

Zoho Books, an online accounting software for SMEs

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Zoho Books is easy to use and collaborative

The Zoho Books interface is designed to be accessible and allows you to reduce accounting data entry by nearly 60%. Books also facilitates collaboration among collaborators for managing accounts, editing dashboards, and generating reports.

Simplified management of your finances

Books track sales, expenses, and plans cash inflows and outflows.

Simplified preparation of your taxes

The application prepares all your accounting reports, including taxes, income statements, balance sheets, and more, in just a few clicks.

Automation of tasks

Zoho Books recognizes recurring entries to automate them.

Why SMBs Choose Zoho Books?

Set up Zoho Books in minutes and start managing your finances instantly.

Your accounting software should grow with you as your business grows.

Zoho Books accelerates your business automations and covers your unique needs.

Manage Your Finances

Zoho Books is made for SMBs who want a tool to efficiently and easily manage their invoices, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, inventory and cash flow in one place.

Account Management

  • Customer Management
  • Billing
  • Automation of Recurrences
  • Payment Reminders
  • Bank Reconciliation

Real-time Collaboration

  • Real-time Sharing and Collaboration
  • Several Levels of Authorization for Each Collaborator
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Accounting Reports

Data Security

  • Secure Server Hosting
  • Data Encryption
  • High-tech Infrastructure

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“As Zoho product users, with the assistance of the BSP finance team, we not only completed the deployment of Zoho Books but also addressed several issues and successfully completed our training. The BSP team offered us sound advice and demonstrated exemplary professionalism. Whether it was for questions, configuration, end-of-the-month, or end-of-the-year tasks, they were always available.”

Alain Robert

Vice President, Raymond Robert ltd

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoho Books

What are all the features of Zoho Books?2023-12-12T09:05:28-05:00

Zoho Books is an online finance management tool that offers the following features:

  • Invoicing: Allows you to create personalized invoices and accept online payments.
  • Estimates: Allows you to create professional quotes and convert them to invoices in one click.
  • Customer portal: Allows your customers to view their transactions in one place.
  • Expenses: Allows you to upload receipts to stay organized and know where the money is going.
  • Invoices: Allows you to generate invoices to track the payments you owe to your suppliers.
  • Banking: Allows you to retrieve bank transactions, categorize them and reconcile them with accounts in a simple way.
  • Projects: Helps keep track of every billable minute with timesheets and turn time into money.
  • Inventory: Helps monitor stock levels and maintain a good supply of fast-moving items.
  • Orders: Allows you to send purchase orders and confirm each sale before shipping the goods to customers.
  • Buy online: Allows clear communication requirements to suppliers.
  • Tax: Keep track of tax owed and stay prepared for tax season at all times.
  • Online Payments: Allows you to accept simple, fast and secure online payments from customers.
  • Reports: Allows you to schedule reports and obtain the necessary data in real time to optimize the business.
  • Automation: Save time by automating workflows and focus on growing the business.
  • Documents: Streamline and archive all documents in one place and attach them to transactions.
  • Supplier portal: Allows you to give your suppliers the means to manage their transactions with you themselves via a dedicated portal.
Does Zoho Books reduce paper production?2023-12-12T09:05:27-05:00

Yes, the online management of your accounts allows you to enter the invoices received in pdf format and to send your invoices by email to your customers, for example. Some features also facilitate online supplier relationship management to communicate your requirements, track your orders and more!

How does Zoho Books increase productivity?2023-12-12T09:05:27-05:00

Zoho Books allows you to save time and improve efficiency in your invoicing and payment management process by enabling you to send invoices and accept online payments.

You can better understand your spending and save money in the future with Zoho Books’ easy tracking and categorization of expenses.

Real-time updates on your cash flow can be accessed by connecting your bank account, allowing you to manage your money more effectively and avoid financial surprises.

With customer collaboration features, you can speed up quote approvals and gather feedback more efficiently.

Powerful financial reports provided by Zoho Books help you to better understand the financial health of your business and make informed decisions to improve performance.

Real-time inventory management in Zoho Books allows you to track stocks, improve operational efficiency, and avoid material shortages or unnecessary excess.

Automatic payment reminders are also available in Zoho Books to avoid aging receivables.

Does the software allow the management of customers, orders and account statements?2023-12-12T09:06:15-05:00

Yes! You can watch this video for an overview of the Sales and Customers Module.

Does the software allow supplier and inventory management?2023-12-12T09:06:14-05:00

Yes! You can check out this video for an overview of the Sales and Customers Module on Zoho Books.

Does the software allow me to do all the accounting reports my business needs?2023-12-12T09:06:13-05:00

Yes! You can check out this video for an overview of the accounting and financial reports you can create with Zoho Books.

Is the software easy to use?2023-12-12T09:06:15-05:00

Zoho Books is an online finance management tool designed specifically for small businesses. It is affordable and easy to use, and it offers plenty of features to simplify the process of managing your business finances.

To help beginners get started with the software, Zoho Books offers several training videos that are available to watch. You can consult these videos to gain a better understanding of the software and its functionalities.

For a general presentation of the software, you can refer to this video.