Why I love the Google Apps suite

-12 May 2021-

There came a time when I decided to switch to Google Apps for Business and I have never looked back. I was pleasantly surprised by the immense added value of having everything linked in terms of communications. Here are some of the reasons why I love using Google Apps:

I am a fan of Gmail’s smart inbox. When I return from a trip, I don’t have to waste time searching for important emails among the clutter. Everything is neatly filed, and the Google search engine is even active inside the email, making it easy for me to find what I need quickly. The Hangout teleconferencing feature is so powerful that even former President Barack Obama used it, and people who missed a speech can watch it later on Youtube (which is also owned by Google).

The shared calendar is highly efficient. I particularly like the integration with Google Maps, which synchronizes my travels from the moment I enter an address in the calendar.

Google Drive is amazing for storing and sharing documents. The OCR (optical character recognition) feature is especially effective in finding documents. I also appreciate the fact that the Google suite (including documents, spreadsheets, and presentations) is included in the package. This saves me from having to deal with duplicates and eliminates the need for multiple copies of the same document.

Google Sites has many uses. One of the most popular is creating a paperless board. It can also serve as an intranet for a company and host visual trainings.

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