Zoholics Canada 2023: A Partner’s Perspective

Zoholics Canada 2023: A Partner’s Perspective – Two Days of Insights, Inspiration, and New Connections

Zoholics Canada 2023, a two-day event, was an enlightening journey filled with invaluable insights. As a partner representing BSP, and a first-time attendee at Zoholics Toronto, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of Zoho, alongside industry leaders and professionals. The following is a recap of my enriching experience, where I not only learned from the experts, but also from my colleagues and their incredible expertise.

Networking: Building Bridges: The event was a melting pot of connections and conversations, it was a pleasure to engage with new clients and learn about their industries and how they are seamlessly incorporating facets of Zoho into their businesses. This firsthand insight into the diverse applications of Zoho across various sectors, added an extra layer of value to this remarkable event. These interactions solidified existing relationships and opened several doors to exciting collaborations. The strength of the Zoho community became evident through these exchanges.

Empowering Workshops: Over two days, the workshops provided a treasure trove of practical knowledge. From marketing automation, to client management, each session equipped me with actionable insights to apply in my role at BSP immediately. The depth and breadth of topics catered to the multifaceted needs of our various clients.

Chief Evangelist’s Setting the Stage: I had the opportunity to hear Zoho’s Chief Evangelist, LSP, and his insight on Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, and their on-going collaboration with OpenAI. Learning about the development story behind Zia and the integration with OpenAI, showcased the commitment to innovation within the Zoho ecosystem. His session served as a tantalizing highlight of what’s to come in the world of Zoho, setting the stage for the exciting innovations and possibilities that lie ahead.

Shubhit Brahmwar’s Informative Session: Among the diverse range of sessions, Shubhit Brahmwar’s presentation on sales pipeline management stood out. His expertise in simplifying the intricacies of a well-structured sales pipeline was commendable. I left the session with a fresh perspective on how Zoho clients can be empowered with robust sales strategies to achieve their goals effectively.

Learning from Colleagues: Beyond the official sessions, I had the privilege of learning so much from my colleagues, each an expert in their own right. Denis, with his profound knowledge of the Zoho Financial Suite, shared invaluable insights. Mario’s expertise in Zoho CRM was enlightening. Gabrielle’s wisdom on Zoho Books was eye-opening. Youness’ comprehensive knowledge of all things Zoho was a wellspring of information, and Paul’s ability to solve a clients needs through the sale of Zoho’s offering suite, left a lasting impression. Their combined expertise not only enriched my understanding, but also boosted my confidence in navigating the world of Zoho with proficiency and precision.

Partner Engagement: Engaging with fellow partners was both educational and inspiring. Sharing success stories, overcoming challenges, and discussing innovative solutions underscored the strength of our partnership with Zoho. It’s evident that together, we can bring unparalleled value to our clients.

1:1 Sessions with Zoho Experts: The personalized sessions with Zoho experts reinforced our role as partners and were extended not only to us but also to our valued clients. These interactions provided insights into how we can better serve our clients with Zoho solutions. The direct access to Zoho’s expertise is a testament to their dedication to our success, as well as our clients’ success

In summary, Zoholics Canada 2023, was a transformative two-day experience. As a partner within BSP, I left this event not only inspired, but also enriched with fresh insights and strategies from both experts and colleagues. The future is bright, and I look forward to helping our clients unlock new levels of success with Zoho. Until we meet again!

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