Companies with a CRM unanimously agree that it has transformed the way they do business. The following data is particularly striking:

An optimized user experience builds customer loyalty.

According to information collected by ClickFox in 2020, 33% of respondents value 24/7 customer service and give their loyalty to brands that offer such a service. 20% of customers are receptive to rewards for purchases, while personalized products and exclusive offers attract 11% and 12% of respondents, respectively.

Customers are willing to pay more for better service.

In an American Express study, the correlation between the quality of the customer relationship and the volume of purchases is undeniable. Over 33% of respondents are willing to spend 5% more with a company that provides excellent customer service, and nearly 15% agree to increase their purchases by 20% in exchange for an impeccable customer experience.

Companies recognize the multiple benefits of CRM.

Based on a sample of 500 companies, Tech News World identified 10 proven benefits of using a CRM, with improving service and customer relationship management ranking first. Business users also report increased customer satisfaction, increased business opportunities, optimized marketing campaigns, increased sales, and reduced costs.