Freshbooks vs Zoho Books / Invoice

We have decided to compare two cloud solutions for your company’s invoicing and accounting needs. Freshbooks is a straightforward solution for invoicing your customers, while Zoho Books/Invoice offers a comprehensive solution to automate your business processes.

This comparison focuses on the premium offerings of both companies.


Freshbooks is a cloud-based software designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It enables you to add customer details, create quotes, and invoice customers easily.

The software also includes a timesheet module to associate your hours with projects and clients. Additionally, Freshbooks allows you to add expenses and access various accounting and transaction reports. The software also offers a ticket system for easy communication with customers.

With its remote access capabilities, Freshbooks enables you to work proactively from anywhere.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a cutting-edge accounting system that integrates with different departments in your company.

It enables you to invoice customers/suppliers, perform accounting entries, and reconcile transactions. With a comprehensive view of your business, you can automate daily tasks and streamline operations.

Zoho Books offers the integration of several modules from the Zoho ecosystem, increasing efficiency between departments and automating tasks, including:

  • Zoho CRM for customer relationship management

  • Zoho Project for project management

  • Zoho Creator for project management, inventory management, customer/supplier orders, and more

  • Zoho People for human resources management.

Comparison of Freshbooks and Zoho Books

Freshbooks is an efficient solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Your accountant can easily download data from Freshbooks for accounting purposes.

Zoho Books is also a suitable solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a user-friendly interface for invoicing customers efficiently. If you need to manage your bookkeeping or if your business is expanding, Zoho Books is the right solution for you.

Zoho Books goes beyond just accounting software, providing a broader scope and driving efficiency within your organization.

Zoho Books Freshbooks
Quotes / Quotes / Invoices Yes Yes
Customer management Yes Yes
Accounting Yes No
Price Around $31 per month* $15 per month
CRM integration Yes No
Project integration Yes No
Tickets Yes with Zoho Desk Yes
Customer payments Yes A few options are available
Interface 8/10 5/10
Types of businesses All companies Entrepreneur, very small businesses

*Price is $25

Zoho Invoice – Alternative to Zoho Books

Zoho invoice is a cloud solution similar to Freshbooks. It allows you to manage customers, quotes, invoices, payments received, expenses, timesheets and reports.

This solution also allows you to connect your CRM to your invoicing and quotes. In addition, you can connect your various online payment solutions, and other Zoho solutions such as: Zoho project, Zoho people, Zoho sign, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho expense, Zoho subscription, Zoho inventory, Zoho analytics, Zoho desk, Zoho mail as well as Zoho campaigns.

Zoho invoice stands out with other Zoho apps to automate your business process to focus on growing your business.

Why migrate from Freshbooks to Zoho Books?

Freshbooks is limited to invoicing customers and doesn’t offer additional capabilities. As your business grows or you need to manage customer relations, Zoho Books/Invoice is the superior choice.

If you’re an entrepreneur or running a small business, Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice can integrate your customer prospecting process, project management, and invoicing/accounting into one streamlined solution.

Zoho offers an integrated ecosystem for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large enterprises to simplify operations. Its flexible design enables automation of tasks and integrates departments, streamlining your business.

If you’re considering migrating from Freshbooks to Zoho Books, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist you with the transition.

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