Why invest in Gsuite training?

Make Your Digital Shift!

An excellent choice, provided your employees receive proper training. With a growing number of employees using Gmail and Drive in their professional lives, GSuite training has become a necessary requirement for many organizations and companies.

Although GSuite applications are user-friendly and accessible once the transition is made, involving employees in a training program can greatly improve a company’s productivity and task execution speed.

“My employees already know how to use Gmail!”

Let’s be clear – your business involves more than just emails. Even if your employees use Gmail for a significant portion of their day, there are still productivity apps that can streamline work processes and save time, leading to increased profitability.

Though all employees may use basic GSuite features, they may not be aware of the other available applications and their numerous benefits. A training program for beginners or advanced users is crucial for improving email management, electronic document administration, and advanced team calendar configuration.

Every employee can become an advanced user with our training.

GSuite applications are known for their functionality, reliability, and adaptability to each organization.

Our GSuite training courses increase efficiency in each team’s specific working methods. Users can learn how to create business rules and processes, saving time and making tasks easier for everyone.

Smooth Change Management

  1. Users familiar with Microsoft 365 (such as Outlook) may face difficulties during the transition to GSuite (such as Gmail). Appropriate training eliminates these challenges and gives new users the knowledge they need to maximize the use of their GSuite applications.
  2. For example, with Google Calendar, users can efficiently plan their work, meetings, appointments, and collaborate effectively with other team members, avoiding time waste.
  3. Google Drive, a virtual document management application that integrates Google Docs and Sheets, can be better managed with training. The training will also help users understand the subtleties of the application, allowing for remote access and collaboration.

One of GSuite’s incredible advantages is its ability to easily share and collaborate with colleagues. The training teaches how to foster even more intuitive and effective collaboration between employees and partners.

Make GSuite a Success in Your Business

Resistance to change often stems from a lack of knowledge on how to make the most of a new ecosystem and a lack of in-house experts.

Migrating to GSuite involves an investment of time and money, and it is important for it to be successful. Our GSuite training courses (Drive, Gmail, and Agenda) can make this transition profitable by reducing resistance to change.

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