Zoho Inventory

Discover an efficient stock management application that allows you to manage your orders online and offline.

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Inventory management becomes simple!

Zoho Inventory makes managing your inventory easy. It tracks everything from raw materials to finished products until they are shipped. With its intuitive dashboards, you get a real-time view of the situation, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Creating purchase orders

With Zoho Inventory, you can place your orders easily based on sales and your forecasts.

Inventory Tracking

The application enables you to manage multiple warehouses and track orders from all your platforms in one place.

Easy integration

Zoho Inventory easily integrates with Zoho Books for accounting tracking and Zoho CRM for after-sales service.

Find out why it’s easy to manage your inventory with Zoho Inventory.

Manage your customers’ orders, send your purchase orders to your suppliers and much more!

Follow the entries and exits of each product online and in real time.

Efficiently manage your inventory by integrating various online sales platforms such as your website, Amazon or Etsy accounts, into your Zoho Inventory account.

Is Zoho Inventory right for me?

Zoho Inventory is a great fit for all businesses that sell products and manage merchandise inventory. With its inventory management system, you can easily track the raw materials needed for production, as well as sales and delivery of orders. The system also facilitates replenishment management for operations and sales.

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