Headquarters : Quebec, Canada
Company size : 63 employees
Use Case
: Inventory Management System
Industry : Professional Service

Cogiscan is a leading provider of connectivity and track, trace, and control (TTC) solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Founded in 1999, Cogiscan’s solutions have helped to transform and optimize manufacturing operations in over 450 factories worldwide. Cogiscan’s main offering is based upon a scalable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that perfectly integrates with all major equipment types, and is highly configurable to suit each customer’s specific production needs.


  • Inefficient inventory management and error-prone processes

  • Multiple-level BOM management

  • Lack of integration and automation

  • Reporting and analytics


  • Customized Inventory management system utilizing Zoho Creator and integration of other Zoho apps

  • Sales Order Module

  • Shipping and invoicing

  • Purchase orders

  • Bill of materials and work orders

  • Booking/debooking (reporting)

Gains / Benefit

  • Real-time inventory management
    Cogiscan gained real-time visibility into inventory levels, which helped to reduce stockouts and improve overall inventory management.

  • Enhanced order processing
    Zoho Creator sped up sales order processing and shipping, making purchase orders easier and shortening fulfillment time.

  • Improved accuracy and control
    Accurate BOM information and better management of minimum and maximum inventory levels, reorder points, and sampling processes led to improved operational efficiency.

  • Integrated processes and analytics
    Cogiscan successfully integrated with Zoho’s suite of tools, including Zoho CRM for smoother lead and customer management, Zoho Books to handle accounting and inventory, and Zoho Analytics for creating custom reports and tracking KPIs effectively.

  • Optimized revenue recognition
    Zoho Creator helped Cogiscan manage revenue recognition for software and services, ensuring accurate accounting and revenue calculations.

“As suggested by BSP, Zoho Creator 6 was precisely what we needed to develop a customized inventory management system. The Creator 6 environment allowed us to build, develop, test, and tweak without hindering our real-time operations. Additionally, Zoho Creator’s low-code feature was crucial in maintaining our aggressive timeline and going live on schedule.”

Benoit Ouellet

Senior Director – Technology, Cogiscan

Let’s make it happen!

Eddie Darac

VP Sales

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