Why and how to choose a Zoho partner?

Zoho Corporation has been building business management software since 1996. Zoho CRM is one of its flagship products. Over the years, Zoho has greatly expanded its catalog with solutions for all departments of a company from finance to IT. For the distribution and implementation of its software throughout the world, Zoho collaborates with various partners.

What is a Zoho partner?

To distribute Zoho applications and ensure their implementation, Zoho trains consultants. These are the Zoho partners. These professionals offer a personalized support for each company to enable it to access a suite of powerful software able to adapt perfectly to the specifics of its sector and its business.

The different types of Zoho partners

The Zoho Partner Ranking is conducted annually based on a variety of criteria, including Zoho revenue for the previous year.

Authorized Partner

All partners who generate at least $5,000 in annual revenue or have signed 20 or more contracts per year are considered Authorized Partners. These are typically small teams. An Authorized Partner is registered on the list available on the Zoho website.

Advanced Partner

This status is granted to partners who have generated at least $75,000 in annual revenue. With more experience and knowledge of Zoho products, a Zoho Advanced Partner also offers a wider range of solutions and more extensive support.

Premium Partner

A Zoho premium partner is an expert who achieves $200,000 in revenue in a year. These are often fairly large companies, whose staff is fully familiar with Zoho solutions and their implementation. In addition, a Premium Partner can be assigned leads by Zoho.

What is a Champion Regional partner?

The Regional Champion Award is one of four awards presented by Zoho Creator – Zoho’s software development arm – as part of the Partner Winners program. It recognizes the top performing Zoho Creator partner in each of the 9 regions where Zoho operates, including Canada, the United States, the European Union and India. To be eligible, the partner must have earned at least $10,000 for the Creator business over the past year. Other parameters are also taken into account such as the marketing initiative adopted and the number of certified developers trained.

Why use a Zoho partner?

Zoho offers more than 50 software products. Trained in the specifics of the various tools, the Zoho partner is the most capable of defining the most relevant suite of solutions adapted to your needs. This specialist avoids you to fumble between the many possibilities and saves you precious time, while allowing you to make substantial savings. He will accompany you throughout the implementation of the adopted solutions, which will allow you to overcome various concerns and optimize the use of your data. Your teams also have access to high-level training. And after the implementation of the tools, you still benefit from a reactive support service. A qualified Zoho partner will handle complex migrations and allow your staff to focus on their core business.

How to check the level of a Zoho partner?

Just go to the Zoho website in the Find section Partners. All Zoho partners are listed there. To refine the list, a search engine and various filters are available. You can then target a Zoho partner according to the country, its category and the tools you are looking for. 


To find the most effective Zoho solution for your business and to use it optimally, trust a Zoho partner like BSP Management. Zoho Corporation has thought of everything and makes it easy for you to find a consultant for a proper implementation of the tools.

With more than 50 tools, Zoho has become a reference in business management software. The brand collaborates with numerous hand-picked partners around the world. Implementing Zoho solutions requires specialized skills. Gestion BSP is one of its most important representatives. The firm trusts us for the distribution, but also for the implementation of its tools as well as the support of its client companies in Canada. In fact, they have awarded us the titles of Premium Partner and Regional Champion 2021.

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