Why do I love Zoho CRM?

Why I Love Zoho CRM?

I have several reasons for why I love Zoho CRM.

Firstly, I appreciate its reliability. With prestigious customers like Ikea, Amazon, Sony, Honeywell, and Hewlett Packard, and its 15 million users, I can trust that the service won’t have interruptions. Moreover, Zoho is growing in popularity and is currently in second place, right behind Salesforce.


Another aspect I love about Zoho is its price. A CRM of this quality at $20.00 or $35.00 per month is an excellent value compared to the three to four times higher cost of an equivalent Salesforce.

I also appreciate the integration with Google’s G Suite. I can attach emails, share my calendar, and link to Google Drive without having to pay for storage on Zoho.

Workflow automations are what really sets Zoho apart in my opinion. I was introduced to the power of Zoho’s automation capabilities at a training event, the “Zoholics.” When I handed over my business card, a picture was taken and the information was automatically added to the leads, triggering a series of events, such as an agenda of the event, a satisfaction form, and a registration form for the next Zoho training with online payment. The “drag and drop” feature in Zoho makes it easy to customize the application for both companies and freelancers, and adding fields and creating reports is a breeze.

Finally, I love the mobile application. As a representative, I appreciate the ability to access and enter information on the go. The mobile app even prompts me to add a customer interaction to the CRM after a call.

In conclusion, I believe that Zoho CRM is a wise investment for any business. With its reliability, affordability, integration, automation capabilities, and mobile application, Zoho can help make businesses efficient and paperless in just a few months.

At BSP, we share this vision and are here to help. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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