Make Your Deliveries Easier with Zoho Inventory

Streamline Your Delivery Process with Zoho Inventory

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for any business, especially when it involves a delivery service. Meeting customer expectations can have a positive impact on your business in many ways.

Our Advice: Implement a Schedule Based on Four Axes

Axis 1: Planning

Schedule planning
Understanding customer expectations
Evaluating data availability and quality
Defining user and manager roles and responsibilities
Setting availability and deadlines
Forming a CRM implementation team

Axis 2: Qualifying Needs

Defining needs based on criteria such as:
Measurement and analysis (dashboards and reports)
Sales, marketing, support, and customer service management
Communications (emails, calls, teleconferences)
Electronic document management
Interoperability with existing systems
Internet-based external system integration
Other features

Prioritizing identified needs

Evaluating technology culture and orientation

Identifying constraints, achievements and capacities

Axis 3: CRM Solution Implementation

Connecting to internal and external data sources
Integrating with internal and external systems
Adapting modules and interfaces
Configuring dashboards and reports
Setting up processes
Implementing security
Testing and validation

Axis 4: Deployment

Providing on-site support and coaching
Answering questions
Collecting feedback for improvement
Identifying achievements and reinforcement needs
Maximizing the integration of best practices

In conclusion, a thorough analysis and proper planning is crucial when implementing a CRM. Zoho CRM is a great tool to effectively manage customer relationships, and you can even test it for free.

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