CRM and marketing unity is strength!

-12 May 2021-

Last week, I met with a client and was impressed with their company. I had been following their newsletters, Facebook page, and website for some time, but I couldn’t find myself in their database. As a qualified prospect, I should have been an ideal candidate for a transaction.

However, there was no record of my interactions with the brand. A friend recently told me that companies should be able to track customers who open and click newsletters, visit social media, or even visit the website, so they can continue the communication quickly. When someone visits your website, it means they have heard of you or want to know more, so it’s important to take action.

I also heard that door and window sellers use ‘AdWords’ with words like “house plan, drawing plans” because they know that these people will need doors and windows in the future. They are already preparing for future purchases.

Five years ago, these measurement tools were major investments and only accessible to large companies. Today, there are no excuses; solutions exist and are accessible to businesses of all sizes. With the available tools, there is no reason to do marketing without measurement. You need to know which pages of your newsletters were opened, where visitors to your website came from, and other relevant information to optimize your sales and canvassing efforts.

At BSP, we believe that every type of business should measure their marketing investments to effectively link them to sales and CRM. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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