4-step method to create your CRM

The most asked question! How to create and implement a CRM?

We’ve been asked this question many times, so we’ve decided to guide you through the essential steps. In this article, we share with you the method of our CRM expert, Frédéric Berger.

It’s evident that the size of a company greatly influences the steps that need to be taken. Nevertheless, this guide is meant to help many small businesses.

Our advice is to establish a schedule based on 4 axes.

Axis 1: Planning

Schedule your plan
Identify and understand your expectations
Assess data availability and quality
Determine the roles and responsibilities of users and managers
Set availability and deadlines
Create the CRM implementation team.

Axis 2: Qualification of Needs

Define your needs based on specific criteria:
Measurement and analysis (dashboards and reports)
Sales, marketing, support, and customer service management
Communications (emails, calls, teleconferences)
Electronic document management
Interoperability with existing systems
Integration with internet-accessible external systems
Other features

Prioritize your needs

Assess technology culture and orientation

Identify constraints

Evaluate achievements and capacities.

Axis 3: CRM Solution Implementation

Connect to internal and external data sources
Connect to internal and external systems
Adapt modules and interfaces
Configure dashboards and reports
Configure processes
Configure security
Conduct tests and validations
Provide training.

Axis 4: Deployment

Accompany and coach in real situations
Answer questions
Collect feedback for overall improvement
Identify achievements and reinforcements required
Maximize the integration of best practices related to CRM use.

In conclusion, good planning is the key to creating an effective CRM. If you’re looking to try it out, Zoho CRM is a great tool for managing your relationships with prospects and customers. You can test Zoho CRM for free.

Download our free PDF for a step-by-step guide to implementing the perfect CRM for your business.

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