Easy Networking: The Virtual Business Card

We No Longer Print Business Cards!

As the head of a paperless office, I used to joke that my business card would be the only piece of paper my clients would receive from me. However, this is no longer the case. We can now share our professional information virtually. The process is simple: purchase a domain name, such as yourname.com, and send your information as desired.

When I end a conversation, I ask for my contact’s phone number and send them the link to my virtual business card. They can then click to access my contact details, phone number, website, social media links, or even download my entire business card.

The virtual professional card is a powerful tool for business development. It allows your clients to easily find and contact you through all your lines of communication. I often speak with clients on social networks and no longer waste money on printing business cards. For just $80.00 a year, I transmit all my information virtually and often receive compliments about its efficiency.

7 Ways to Use the Virtual Business Card

As mentioned, the virtual business card (vcard) is a symbol of efficiency. With one click, it is now easy to access all relevant contact information on our phones. Beyond efficiency, the vcard is a way to improve your impact and brand image in a friendly manner.

1. Networking

Share your professional information at events, launches, conference lunches, and more to expand your network. No need to collect and input business cards into your tracking systems.

2. Job Fairs

Whether you’re a candidate or employer, the vcard allows for quick exchanges during these events, where the goal is to approach as many people as possible.

3. Professional Gatherings

A networking opportunity can present itself at any time. The vcard ensures that you can connect quickly even in unexpected situations.

4. Stand Out as a Professional

Whether you’re looking for a job, self-employed, or working for a big company, the vcard helps you get noticed.

5. Highlight Your Service Offering

Share not only your contact information but also your portfolio and marketing materials with a virtual business card.

6. Create New Opportunities

Your vcard is a gateway to forming relationships with clients. They may not immediately visit your site or watch your promotional video, but they may come back to it later and connect with you via SMS campaigns.

7. Create Calls to Action

Encourage your new contacts to subscribe to your newsletter, request a quote, or engage with you on social media.

In conclusion, with 90% of paper business cards ending up in the trash, it’s more logical to use a vcard for better business development. Think about it, when was the last time you deleted a contact from your phone?

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